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Whether you're ready for a roof for your new construction project or it's time to replace your old roof, you'll want a roofing installation pro to handle the job. Kevin Ohlin Roofing & Construction in Billings, MT can install your new roof. Our experts work with both shingle and metal roofing, so you can trust us to install the perfect roof for your property.

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How to tell when you need a new roof

How to tell when you need a new roof

Roofing repairs may be the cheaper option in the short-term, but you'll need a new roof eventually. It may be time for a full replacement if you notice:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Warped, cupped or curled shingles
  • Extensive algae growth or large dark spots
If you'd like a professional opinion on the state of your roof, trust our experts. We can recommend either roofing repairs, reroofing work or a brand-new roof. Contact us today if you think you might need a new roof for your home or commercial building.